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Hey Everybody!

Things are changing rapidly around here! I just launched my website (Health Advantage) yesterday! Yay! Because of that fact, my blog there instead of here! So you can follow me there now!

I hope you like the site and have an amazing day!


Live IN the Moment!

Today I am practicing living IN the moment! What does that mean? That means embracing Imageeverything that you go through in your day. If you are driving to work, look at the bright sky out your window. Notice how beautiful and intricate it is! Embrace it’s beauty! If you are having strong emotions about something, dig deep inside of yourself and think them through! Find out exactly why those feelings are there and what is making you have them. This is living IN the moment. 

I am a PLANNER! So this is a challenge for me because I like to have every minute of my day specifically scheduled out. Many times that leads to me being so focused on the next thing I need to do that I forget to focus on what I am actually doing. Planning is an extremely good habit, but when it gets to the point of taking over your life and sucking all the joy out with its stress, then you know that you have become enslaved by this habit, not freed by it! I am learning to be flexible with my planning. I still plan everything out, but I don’t let that fully control what my day is going to be like.

Like I said, this is a stretch for me too, but isn’t stretching yourself a good thing? YES, it is! Because when you stretch yourself you GROW! 

Forget about being so busy and stressed that you just watch life sprint by you! There is such power in just living and being IN the moment and embracing every part of it! Live IN the moment today!


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original“I can’t reveal the second blessing until the first has been opened…”

The riddle hit me as a strange and truthful mystery. In the darkness of my room last night, I searched for a pen and sleepily jotted the God-hint on my hand. My understanding of this word from God grew as I drifted off to sleep. This morning, it was the first thing on my mind. What did it mean? Even as I write, I look at the scribbles on my hand and know that there is depth to this small sentence.

In my previous post (Wholehearted Seeking) I shared how relationships have been on my mind lately and how God has been teaching me through this season. The desire for relationship came again last night and as I prayed before falling asleep, these are the words God brought to my mind. “Lachelle, I can’t reveal the second blessing…

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~Success and Conclusion~

We successfully finished our No Wheat week on Friday! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any temptations! We made it through though, and that’s what matters!

I came to the conclusion that I feel really good not eating wheat. Surprisingly, the main thing that made me realize this was when I eat it again… Not GOOD. Immediately after I eat a piece of wheat bread, I felt it. If you look at the link below, “Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat” you’ll see why I felt this way.

Sadly, where I live, everyone is getting sick… so this week we are taking a break from the eating adventures so that we can fully focus on staying well!

Stay tuned for more tips on living a healthy lifestyle!