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~Stop where ever you are and smell the roses in life~




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~Success and Conclusion~

We successfully finished our No Wheat week on Friday! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any temptations! We made it through though, and that’s what matters!

I came to the conclusion that I feel really good not eating wheat. Surprisingly, the main thing that made me realize this was when I eat it again… Not GOOD. Immediately after I eat a piece of wheat bread, I felt it. If you look at the link below, “Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat” you’ll see why I felt this way.

Sadly, where I live, everyone is getting sick… so this week we are taking a break from the eating adventures so that we can fully focus on staying well!

Stay tuned for more tips on living a healthy lifestyle!

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The Wheat Factor


Hey Everybody!

This week is “No Wheat” week.

You’re probably wondering why we are doing a wheat-free week when we already did a gluten-free week. Well, it’s because wheat is derived from the wheat kernel, and gluten is not only found in wheat, but in rye and barley. So when you’re gluten-free, you give up more than just things that contain wheat, you give up anything that has rye or barley in it also. This leads to a vast elimination of foods that you can eat. We want to get to the bottom of this and find out if  fatigue, weight loss sabotage, lack of motivation,bloating and crankiness-which are typical symptoms of many illnesses-could be related to common foods we eat every day.  Could it be everything that contains gluten? Or is it just the wheat factor in things?

Here is a quote from Doctor William Davis, ” You may be wondering why wheat is so bad for your waistline. The answer is simple: Because it’s NOT really wheat anymore! In the 1960s a small group of scientists in Mexico set out to make wheat easier to grow and more pest resistant. Good for the farmers, but bad for your health and your weight! Genetic engineering transformed wheat into a super carbohydrate that wreaks havoc on your body and makes you fat.”

So, we are leaving off all forms of wheat this week because I absolutely believe what Doctor William Davis says is true. Everything in today’s culture has been so genetically modified that the processed items we eat should be called chemicals not food.

Join us this week on our “No Wheat” Adventure! Grow one step closer to your full potential!

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Weeding Out What Works and What Doesn’t

Well! It’s the end of the Whole Foods Adventure!

Every new thing you try always opens the door to new experiences. This past week was definitely a new experience for me! There were hard times and good times, but everything I went through taught me a new lesson.

I have come to the conclusion that if I were a meat eater, living a whole foods lifestyle would be no problem at all! But since I am a vegan, it is a little bit harder because I don’t have the meat source for protein.

This is WHY I am trying out new things… to see what my body works best with! Weeding out what works and what doesn’t can sometimes be a hard thing, but stick with it because in the end it’s always worth it!

How did your week challenge go? Let me know!

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Make Your Dreams Come True!

cover-letter-introduction-goalsAt some point in your life, you have probably had a dream that you have wanted to accomplish. At one moment you want it so bad, but after a few days or months that dream seems to slowly die away. Before you know it, the passionate desire that was inside of your best self has blown away in the whirlwind of your thoughts.

Don’t worry…you’re not the only human this has happened to. Many people around the world experience the loss of dreams. But how do we stop this growing epidemic?

Unfortunately, what happens is that we don’t have a plan to accomplish these dreams! We need a plan to succeed. Think of the areas in your life where you have given up on a dream. Did you have a plan? Or did you just think it would magically happen? There have been many times in my life where I have had to rekindle a dream because I let it die without a plan. Don’t worry! There is still hope. Passion follows vision and vision follows a plan! By a plan I mean write out the steps to your goal…be SPECIFIC.

This week write down your health goals. I do this at the beginning of every week, and it is amazing to see the results of writing something down. I do it by filling out something that I call the Great Plan, because with a great plan, you accomplish great things. Here is an example of what mine looked like this week:

Objective: To live a healthy vibrant life.

Description: When I am living a healthy vibrant life I will: Have energy to do everything I need to do and more, be confident in my body, be excited about life and be an example to those around me to be healthy.

Monthly Goals: Be energized about life, have clear skin and be eating healthy.

Weekly Goals: Eat only whole foods this Monday-Friday. Do not eat after 8:30pm. Get eight hours of sleep three times this week and observe how you feel. Drink at least 65 oz a day.

Okay, so don’t get too confused yet! Let me explain how you do this. Your objective is your main goal that you are striving for. The description is what it’s going to look like for you when you have accomplished your objective. Your monthly goal is what you need to accomplish every month in order to reach your objective and your weekly goal is what you need to accomplish every week in order to reach your monthly goal. See! Sweet and simple.

The main growth happens at the end of the week! Go through your weekly goals, evaluate and honestly tell yourself what you did and did not accomplish that week.  Then once one goal is completed. You move on to a greater goal! It is important that you make these goals realistic. For example, I can’t have one of my weekly goals be workout six days a week if I have never worked out before! Make them attainable for your life. While you’re writing these out, think about where you are going to place them in your life.

You have a 50% advantage if you write things down.  It is an amazing tool to use in order to stay accountable, motivated and get things done!

Good luck and please like or comment if this was helpful to you!